Side effects of HCG diet


Could you be interested in starting HCG diet and wondering whether there are dangers and side effects associated with it? HCG Medication-side-effectsdiet has been known to help in weight loss but then it comes with some side effects. Some patients who have been on HCG diet have said that some of the side effects never lasted long while others persisted for a long period. When it lasts long, the patient is supposed to seek medical attention. The following are the side effects associated with HCG diet.


Since in HCG diet you will be eating less than what you eat normally, you will have to naturally excrete less than you normally do. Bowel movements will therefore be noted for people who are on HCG diet. They are likely to experience this bowel disruptions three or four days apart.

So what can save you from this trouble? A mild sugar-free laxative will come handy in case you are constipating during HCG diet. Drinking a lot of water can help one to have their system smoothened up and brought back to normal.

Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome.

This is a rare case for women on HCG diet. Women under HCG diet can have OHSS in the initial round of treatment. Symptoms of OHSS include; swollen hands and legs, severe pelvic pain, swollen and painful stomach, shortness of breath, gaining of weight, vomiting, diarrhea and urinating less than usual. Once these symptoms are observed, one needs doctor’s attention as OHSS is a serious condition.

Leg cramps.

It is not a so common side-effects. It comes as a result of little supply of potassium from the HCG diet.

You need a potassium supplement to counteract this side effect. If you can get a multivitamin that comes along with other nutrients in addition to potassium, the better.

Multiple births for pregnant mothers.

A HCG dieting formula is recommended for fertility treatment. So women who do not want to get expectant should take caution when it comes to HCG diet. Being on HCG diet heightens the chances of having twins, triplets, quadruplets or many babies. Multiple births presents challenges to the mother and the babies too which can be evident during birth. Consulting the doctor is a good idea if you are pregnant or are interested in becoming pregnant.


This is the side effect that is experienced by most people on a HCG diet. As you commence on your diet, the body has to adapt to the changes in your eating. This will cause you to have headaches in your first week as the body tries to adjust to the new system.

How to solve this problem is taking painkillers to send away the headaches. You can simply go for over-the counter drugs to treat this. Taking enough water also is advised if you have an encounter with this side effect.


It comes as a result of low calorie and low carbohydrates in the HCG diet plan. It is usually temporarily and lasts for the first week in most of the cases.


It is not a so common side effect. When you are on HCG diet, the body burns fats fast. As the body consumes fat cells, toxins are being produced. Once this toxins accumulate in the body, they cause you to have rash breakouts.

Dealing with this side effect is simply having a plenty water intake. Drink a lot of water so as to get rid of the toxins from the body.

The above symptoms are not universal to all HCG dieters. As mentioned above, some may be stopped by taking medications, others totally prevented and other can be let to go away by themselves.

Avoid HCG diet if you are a child, a mother who is breastfeeding or you are experiencing another medical condition.

Take the necessary precautions and you will be good to go with HCG diet.