Pure HCG diet: for effective weight loss

When you are trying to lose weight, you most likely have seen and tried very many diets before. Diets usually come and after a while you find out that the advertisement changes and you start being warned on the type of diet drugs in the market and how you are supposed to look out for the original. The same thing happened to HCG diet. With the diet working for many people counterfeits also have hit the market, thus the need to look out for pure HCG when trying to lose weight.

HCG diet usually works when you take in a low calorie diet in combination with the HCG drops or HCG injections. This way the body is able to lose at least 1pound a day.

Why you should go for pure HCG

1. Target abnormal fat

Pure HCG helps in weight loss by targeting the abnormal stored fat within the body. With the diet ensuring that you take just enough to function in a day, the HCG looks on for the areas you need ironed out in your body.

2. Decreases appetite

Being on the 500 calorie intake for any person can be extremely hard. The counterfeits HCG usually do not have the required amounts to sustain someone within a given day, and as such you may find yourself suffering from hunger pangs. Pure HCG on the other hand helps to reduce the hunger pangs, thus ensuring weight lose is achieved and the chances of falling out on the diet are minimal.

3. Healthy energy level

With a pregnant woman carrying new weight around her, this may be tiring and as a result the HCG goes ahead and gives them boundless energy to function on a day to day basis. With the low calorie intake, you may find that you do not have enough energy to do things. However pure HCG gives the energy needed to help you go by your daily routine, as you continue losing weight.

4. Muscle protection

With a restricted calorie intake, you most likely will automatically lose all the weight you need to lose and much more. However this also means that with the fat goes the muscle leaving you frail and susceptible to sickness. Pure HCG helps you to lose the fat in the body while still maintain the muscle in the body, thus you will lose weight fast but also in a healthy way without looking or feeling malnourished.

5. Increases metabolism naturally

Just like in pregnant women the HCG works to break down and speed up metabolism so that there can be enough food for two people. When you take pure HCG you can be sure it will have the same effect on you, thus eliminating the chances of you having food in your system which will be stored.

How to know if the HCG is pure
When it comes to choosing pure HCG from the counterfeits, reading labels is the sanest thing to do as you need about 150 IUs for effective weight loss daily. On the other hand you can go to a HCG clinic so as to be given a prescription by a doctor, thus getting the best from the pack.