Pure HCG diet: for effective weight loss

When you are trying to lose weight, you options trading most likely have seen and tried very many diets before. Diets usually come and after a while you find out that the advertisement changes and you start being warned on the type of diet drugs in the market and how you are supposed to look out for the original. The same thing happened to HCG diet. With the diet working for many people counterfeits also have hit the market, thus the need to look out for pure HCG when trying to lose weight.

HCG diet usually works when you take in a low calorie diet in combination with the HCG drops or HCG injections. This way the body is able to lose at least 1pound a day.

Why you should go for pure HCG

1. Target abnormal fat

Pure HCG helps in weight loss by targeting the abnormal stored fat within the body. With the diet ensuring that you take just enough to function in a day, the HCG looks on for the areas you need ironed out in your body.

2. Decreases appetite

Being on the 500 calorie intake for any person can be extremely hard. The counterfeits HCG usually do not have the required amounts to sustain someone within a given day, and as such you may find yourself suffering from hunger pangs. Pure HCG on the other hand helps to reduce the hunger pangs, thus ensuring weight lose is achieved and the chances of falling out on the diet are minimal.

3. Healthy energy level

With a pregnant woman carrying new weight around her, this may be tiring and as a result the HCG goes ahead and gives them boundless energy to function on a day to day basis. With the low calorie intake, you may find that you do not have enough energy to do things. However pure HCG gives the energy needed to help you go by your daily routine, as you continue losing weight.

4. Muscle protection

With a restricted calorie intake, you most likely will automatically lose all the weight you need to lose and much more. However this also means that with the fat goes the muscle leaving you frail and susceptible to sickness. Pure HCG helps you to lose the fat in the body while still maintain the muscle in the body, thus you will lose weight fast but also in a healthy way without looking or feeling malnourished.

5. Increases metabolism naturally

Just like in pregnant women the HCG works to break down and speed up metabolism so that there can be enough food for two people. When you take pure HCG you can be sure it will have the same effect on you, thus eliminating the chances of you having food in your system which will be stored.

How to know if the HCG is pure
When it comes to choosing pure HCG from the counterfeits, reading labels is the sanest thing to do as you need about 150 IUs for effective weight loss daily. On the other hand you can go to a HCG clinic so as to be given a prescription by a doctor, thus getting the best from the pack.

How does one choose the Best HCG Diet Recipe?

Many of the HCG diet recipes usually feature foods that offer the right nutrition but at the same time have very low calorierecipes content. This is because the primary reason one is on the diet is to lose weight and filling yourself up with calories would only cause you to add weight. The best recipes feature foods that are heavy with nutrients such as raw vegetables, egg whites, fruits and lean chicken, all of which are low in calories. These simple ingredients are easy to acquire and can be used to make just about anything ranging from a low calorie breakfast to a very nutritious dinner while still maintaining the energy levels at their peak. Although the HCG diet plan may be somewhat limiting, some of the best HCG diet recipes can provide you with delicious and nutritious dishes that will help you get through the depravation phase.

In the HCG diet manual, there is a depravation phase, in which one is required to take in a maximum of 500 calories in a day while still going for healthier options that promote weight loss and good health. In this phase, you will find that many HCG diet recipes will replace the whole egg for only the egg white as it has the same nutritional value but far less calories. The egg whites can be used in recipes to make cakes, scrambled eggs or muffins. One can place raw vegetables such as onions and spinach into the egg whites to have a low calorie yet very nutritious omelet for breakfast.

In addition, the low calorie HCG diet recipe requires an individual to have lots of vegetables throughout the second phase. This is because in addition to the vegetables being rich in nutrients and low in calories, they have very little effect on the blood sugar levels. Most people also have their salads with dressings that are low on calories such as vinegar as well as salt. It is not recommended that one adds too much fat even if they are the good fats as they have the potential to increase the calorie levels and are much harder to break down. When it comes to the fruits, small berries are the best as they are low in calories and sugars. If you are going to have a smoothie or a fruit salad while o the HCG diet plan, be sure to include the small berries as the major fruit.

Also, to avoid calories that are found in the sugars, HCG diet recipes call for natural sweeteners that do not contain any sweeteners like stevia. Not only does the normal sugar increase your calorie intake, it also interferes with the blood sugar levels, a factor that needs to be maintained at the proper levels during this diet. For this reason, stevia is used in drinks, smoothies and even baked products. There are artificial sweeteners that are low in calories that are allowed in the diet but most medical HCG practitioners always advice that you favor the natural sweeteners.

How much does the HCG diet cost?

When it comes to losing weight, many people are usually swept with the idea of losing weight to the extent of not actually looking to what it might cost in the long run. With some needing equipment to work that can be expensive, while others costing almost nothing as you don’t change a thing. The same thing goes for the HCG diet. With people always assuming only the cost of the HCG most end up always quitting in the middle. Begging the question, how much is HCG diet:

HCG drops/ injection

When it comes to getting on the HCG diet the first thing that should be factored in is the doctor’s appointment. Since this is not a normal appointment as a thorough examination should be taken to see if you are fit enough to actually be on the diet which is about $ 150, this is actually without the HCG drops. If you are given the green light to go ahead and want the HCG diet injection you will then have to pay up to $ 10 for each injection you are to take, thus every week you will part with around 60 dollars for the injections. Also depending on the amount of days you are willing to go on the diet you will pay less or more, with the 21 day diet costing about $ 210. On the other hand the HCG drop liquid diet is a little more expensive; this is due to the fact that you will be using many drops at a time which need constant refills. The HCG drop liquid diet goes for about $450 for the 21 day course. This is however much better since you will not have to stick a needle into yourself every day. In addition had you may also be advised to take the B12 injections into your waist line to give you needed energy and which also help you to get a more defined waistline after the diet. This together with a custom made diet plan for the 45 day diet will cost you an additional $750 dollars, making the cost of the HCG injection diet an even $ 1200 from start to finish. On the other hand this is actually the cost of the HCG without the diet itself.

HCG food diets

When it comes to dieting there are some of the things that you have to stick to, with some being cheaper than others, you might want to choose one that will make you spend a little less. In the case of proteins only chicken, white fish that is tilapia or halibut, Shrimp, Lean beef, Lobster, Steak, Veal and crab are allowed. When it comes to vegetables most are accepted, thus you can choose the one that is easily affordable to you as long as you do not surpass the calorie intake required. On the other hand only four types of fruits can be taken in the HCG diet, thus in the quest of searching how much is HCG diet only oranges, apples, grapefruits and strawberries should be accounted for.

However with constant doctor visits and following the diet as required, you should be able to lose and get to your ideal weight in a matter of days and still be out of harm’s way.

Benefits and functions of HCG therapy for Men

HCG is usually associated with weight loss in individual who are in search of an ideal weight or just want to lose a few pounds. hcg for menHowever HCG therapy is a totally different aspect in itself. This is usually administered by doctors to men who are in search of treating natural ailments in the body. Some of the benefits are:

1. Increased testosterone levels in the body

HCG therapy is usually prescribed to man who has low testosterone levels in the body by a doctor. This is as a result of having low luteinizing hormone in the body. The therapy helps as you will be able to increase natural testosterone production in the body hence eliminate the need of having prescription drugs for that. Stimulation of the pituitary gland is done in the therapy thus the increase occurs.

2. Increased physical energy

The HCG introduced in the body helps give boundless energies to a man. Unlike in a pregnant woman where it is used to nourish the baby, in men it is used as treatment especially if you are suffering from chronic fatigue for some time.

3. Improve sex drive

This comes as a result of the HCG administered and the physical energy that is felt. On the other hand you will also experience an improved sexual performance. However this is usually a side effect that comes with the HCG therapy

4. Increased lean muscle

Just as in the case of many who are in search of weight lose, HCG therapy does the same thing for men. . If you take HCG then you will lose the fat in all parts of the area. However HCG therapy also comes with increased exercising thus the increase in lean muscle. On the other hand increased strength is also experienced during the therapy as you always are active.

5. Male fertility

If you go for the HCG therapy you most likely have low testosterone production in your body, as a result you may have low sperm count this in turn makes you infertile. Since the aim of HCG therapy is to increase the production of testosterone in the body, this also boosts sperm count and as a result increases the chances of male fertility once again.

6. Reduces depression

This comes as a result of new gained energy, increased muscle mass and new gained fertility making the effects of depression vanish.

7. Maintain natural testosterone

HCG therapy works by helping natural testosterone production in the testes. This thus helps to maintain a high level of the testosterone in the body, minimizing its loss. This goes a step further as the endocrine system is left up and running without getting a chance of shutting down.

8. Prevents use of anabolic steroids

Another way men usually go for to get the same benefits as the ones gotten from doing the HCG therapy is by use of steroids. This however usually has adverse effects by using it for a long time making a bad situation even worse, thus the need for HCG therapy for men.

It is good to note that the HCG therapy usually requires a doctor’s approval and numerous blood tests done to you before you can actually be approved as in need of it.

The HCG Diet Explained

By now, you must have heard of the HCG diet given the bad publicity that it has been getting over the years. But regardless of nasal spraythis, and unlike the many different weight loss diet plans that have emerged over the years, the HCG diet, whether by the use of the HCG nasal spray, pills or injections has stood its ground and has continued to better the lives of many by helping them achieve their goals in weight loss. Given the mixed information that is out there in the public, some of which are facts and others myths, we will have a closer look at the HCG diet so as to clear the air once and for all.

To start us off is the duration of the treatment. Here, you should realize that men generally tend to lose weight slightly faster than women do. With the HCG diet plan, and of a 40 day cycle, a loss of about 20-40 pounds is very normal. Patients who are looking to lose more than the 40 pounds would have to go for a second or even third cycle. Pauses in between these cycles should be of six weeks at the very least though they can always be longer. A 40 day cycle has 40 injections or pills or nasal sprays depending on the method that you are using to administer the hormone. The reason why a cycle is limited to 40 injections is because some patients start to show signs of immunity to the hormone and it take close to six weeks for this immunity to be lost and then the HCG can be effective again.

The HCG hormone causes very little if any tissue reaction. It is a relatively painless process and inflammation to the point of injection is never observed. It is safe to say that there are virtually no contradictions to this method.

The diet that is used together with the HCG should never exceed 500 calories daily. But even more important is the way in which the calories taken in are made up. While on the HCG diet, the body is always able to bet the calories that it requires from the excess fat deposits regardless of the amount that it uses up every day. A patient should be made to understand that he/she is living to a great extent on the fat that he breaks down daily rather than what he/she takes in.

There are some patients who have over the years expressed fear that with the restricted HCG diet, they may be running low on vitamins and other important minerals and may therefore may be anemic of develop other vitamin deficiency related conditions. However, this fear is not valid and has no scientific backing as during the break down of the abnormal fats in the body, all the proteins, vitamins and minerals are left intact in the body. There is therefore no point of worrying of developing deficiency diseases as a result of the HCG diet. If anything, it will do you more good than harm first by losing weight and by providing you essential foods that you may have left out in your diet.

3 Phases of the HCG Liquid Diet

When it comes to the HCG liquid diet many people usually contort their faces due to the bad rap that it has both from dieticians and the media at large. With many people going around saying that the calorie intake given will not sustain a person’s body, making even more people fear it. However with many success stories being reported far and wide, you may just wonder what are the right steps you should take in order for it to work for you:


Phase 1: easing in to the diet

During this time, you should take the HCG liquid diet, three times a day taking 10 drops at a time. This however should be done after going through a colon cleanse to rid your system of any remaining foods in it. Squeeze out the drops on your tongue and be sure to hold it there for a minute or more before swallowing. During this time you will still be eating but eating foods that are high in fat content. As your body accepts the HCG into your system, you will also be storing far for the diet. This way you will never run out of energy during the diet. This phase takes only two days.

Phase 2: restricted calorie diet
In this phase, on day three you will begin the 500 calorie diet as per the HCG liquid diet. Depending on the number of days you have chosen to diet you will have to stick to it. The most recommended number of days when starting the diet is usually 21 days after which you can then graduate to the 45 days diet. The drops should however be taken only 6 times in a week, this way your body will not get used to the HCG and stop working. With the original diet at hand you can easily expect to lose 1 pound each day. On the other hand if you find that some of the ingredients are hard to find try substituting them for similar ones, but do not take anything containing sugar or has fat in it. Spacing out the calories in a day will also help curb of any hunger that you may start to feel in between meals.

Phase 3: easing out of the diet

After completion of the 21 day or 45 day diet you can start to go back to your normal life even though you will have to permanently eliminate some “bad” foods from your daily diet. For the next three days you should continue on the low calorie diet but stop taking the HCG liquid, this way your body gets rid of the HCG in your system gradually. Foods with high sugar content or even fruits like mangoes should be avoided in this phase. You will find that your weight fluctuates at this point with introduction of new foods to it until it naturally stabilizes.

Armed with new healthy eating habits, you can easily go back to eating what you like in moderation without the fear of gaining a lot of unwanted weight, thus having a healthy life in general.

Buying Quality Cheap HCG Injections

HCG Injections are very useful among dieters and they are slowly gaining popularity due to their effectiveness and the results BuyCheapthey produce within a short period use. Due to these facts, many people have come up with online based shops where you can get a better place to purchase the quality ones at reasonable prices. Body builders too rely on the injections since they are so important in improving their overall; body looks. There are cheap hcg injections that works excellently in improving the body and ensuring that you are able to live a longer healthier life.

These injections are termed as the best in the market because they are highly designed and they have low calorie diet dose to ensure that users are gaining better looks as they continue using them. The daily doses that are administered through injections are well known to perfectly help the body by mobilizing fat stores and at the same time promoting muscle growth. It is the best way of developing well built muscles as well as introducing the body to a healthy weight loss diet that leads to burning of excess fats in the body.

Many people make resolution each year to lose weight- they in so much work hard only to give up after some few weeks. The first months of the year are always coupled with challenges since money is also an issue but this should never be the case due to the presence of cheap hcg injections. They are affordable for all and you can easily manage to get ones that work wonders for your body. The injections are beneficial for body builders working on Post Cycle Therapy. This is a hormone which rectifies testicular atrophy which comes as a result of steroid cycle. Patients who are looking forward to losing weight should also put more effort in eating less as they use the injections in order to acquire their desired goals effortlessly and within a short period of time.

Users have reported better outcome after the use of these cheap HCG injections and this is a sure testimony to that the powerful injections works wonders in ensuring that people are able to live a healthier longer life and at the same time maintain good looks as they remain focused to their health goals. The HCG injections are quality ones that meet all the required standards so that users do not have to worry about poor doses that may lead them to live a life of regrets due to imbalanced hormones that may cause more problems to their health. The dose is perfect and does not cause users to experience hunger effect. It is a perfect one that will ensure users are able to run their daily activity without having to experience any discomfort, lethargy at the place of work, vomiting or fatigue.

Always focus on living a better life by knowing the right choices when it comes to maintain and improving your body looks. Never spend more money on scam products while you can get quality, effective and perfect HCG injections at cheaper rates.

Side effects of HCG diet


Could you be interested in starting HCG diet and wondering whether there are dangers and side effects associated with it? HCG Medication-side-effectsdiet has been known to help in weight loss but then it comes with some side effects. Some patients who have been on HCG diet have said that some of the side effects never lasted long while others persisted for a long period. When it lasts long, the patient is supposed to seek medical attention. The following are the side effects associated with HCG diet.


Since in HCG diet you will be eating less than what you eat normally, you will have to naturally excrete less than you normally do. Bowel movements will therefore be noted for people who are on HCG diet. They are likely to experience this bowel disruptions three or four days apart.

So what can save you from this trouble? A mild sugar-free laxative will come handy in case you are constipating during HCG diet. Drinking a lot of water can help one to have their system smoothened up and brought back to normal.

Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome.

This is a rare case for women on HCG diet. Women under HCG diet can have OHSS in the initial round of treatment. Symptoms of OHSS include; swollen hands and legs, severe pelvic pain, swollen and painful stomach, shortness of breath, gaining of weight, vomiting, diarrhea and urinating less than usual. Once these symptoms are observed, one needs doctor’s attention as OHSS is a serious condition.

Leg cramps.

It is not a so common side-effects. It comes as a result of little supply of potassium from the HCG diet.

You need a potassium supplement to counteract this side effect. If you can get a multivitamin that comes along with other nutrients in addition to potassium, the better.

Multiple births for pregnant mothers.

A HCG dieting formula is recommended for fertility treatment. So women who do not want to get expectant should take caution when it comes to HCG diet. Being on HCG diet heightens the chances of having twins, triplets, quadruplets or many babies. Multiple births presents challenges to the mother and the babies too which can be evident during birth. Consulting the doctor is a good idea if you are pregnant or are interested in becoming pregnant.


This is the side effect that is experienced by most people on a HCG diet. As you commence on your diet, the body has to adapt to the changes in your eating. This will cause you to have headaches in your first week as the body tries to adjust to the new system.

How to solve this problem is taking painkillers to send away the headaches. You can simply go for over-the counter drugs to treat this. Taking enough water also is advised if you have an encounter with this side effect.


It comes as a result of low calorie and low carbohydrates in the HCG diet plan. It is usually temporarily and lasts for the first week in most of the cases.


It is not a so common side effect. When you are on HCG diet, the body burns fats fast. As the body consumes fat cells, toxins are being produced. Once this toxins accumulate in the body, they cause you to have rash breakouts.

Dealing with this side effect is simply having a plenty water intake. Drink a lot of water so as to get rid of the toxins from the body.

The above symptoms are not universal to all HCG dieters. As mentioned above, some may be stopped by taking medications, others totally prevented and other can be let to go away by themselves.

Avoid HCG diet if you are a child, a mother who is breastfeeding or you are experiencing another medical condition.

Take the necessary precautions and you will be good to go with HCG diet.

The quality designed HCG injections kit

The HCG injection kit is an important product that has the best of quality; it has been designed to help in freeing of fats, burning fats and evaluation through the kidneys. The kit is known to serve an important role in developing of the body and ensuring that users are in a better position to live a healthier life.


There are different types of hcg injection kits, there is the 23 days injection kit and the 43 day injection kit. The 23 day kit has some important components to help you live a healthier life and manage your weight loss goals. It has sterile 28G 1cc needles for insulin and perfect 10 ML mixing syringe. It also has a 10ML of sealed sterile glass together with some alcohol prep pads and 30ML of bacteriostatic water. All these components are very useful in helping you achieve your weight loss goals and be in a better position to maintain and develop your body perfectly. Patients are always asked to observe the dose as illustrated in the dose within the days specified. The kit should also be used carefully since every component serves an important role.

The syringes have marks to indicate the levels of HCG dose that users should measure so that you do not end up using too little or more. These measurements are so important in making the body function perfectly. The daily dosing gives a maximum dose of fill syringe which should be followed effectively.

The 43 day HCG injection kit has some good portions of sterile of 28G insulin needles, mixing syringes, clear sterile glass and bacteriostatic water. It is an important one for those going for the 43 days and the users are always advised to keep watch of the dose procedure and to follow the plan as indicated. It works perfectly to improve the health of users due to its quality nature. It is so important when used according to the instructions given by the manufactures. It is so effective and according to reviews of HCG1234 from users, majority report positive results within a short time of use. They meet the standards that are required in the market. Through this, there are better developments that have enabled majority of people who were once overweight to start viewing life from a better scale as they start acquiring better looking bodies.

There is the 33 day injection kit and the 53 day injection kit. It is always important to do a research on their functionality and to select one that meets your objectives. The kits are designed by a team of professionals who come up with the best products so that you can be able to achieve your health goals though a simple successful and better process. As the kits continue to gain a lot of popularity, there is better response to their effectiveness and what they offer to users. They are medically approved and they are well designed with the best products that do not cause irritation or induce harmful chemicals to the body. Live healthier by observing the best steps as you look forward to maintain your good looks.

HCG Homeopathy drops

The HCG homeopathy drops as an effective diet has been on the increase in the last few years garnering enthusiasts and pessimists in almost equal measures. However with so many s8uccess stories many people are turning to it as a means of quick safe weight loss alternative. However with medical research experts drawing attention to it, many people are hesitating on its use. Nonetheless what exactly does the HCG homeopathy drops entail?

homeopathy hcg

Concept of HCG homeopathy drops

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone contained in the development and nutrition of the human fetus is manufactured chemically. As with the fetus, the HCG homeopathy drops regulates fat release in the blood stream and in effect it helps reduce fat. The whole concept is built on regulation of ones on bodily reaction to increase or decrease in insulin in the blood stream. Controlling of amount of fat that goes in the blood stream enables the system functions to kick in and thus enable the use of excess body fat which is burned for fuel instead of being converted to fat. This in turn helps you lose considerable amount of fat in a short time for a leaner you

So is the HCG homeopathy drop and diet another fad diet?

To answer that one has to look at what are the various factors that classify a procedure of weight loss as fad diet. As expected with many diets one gets to lose a lot of weight, bordering on dangerous levels within a short time. This is what the HCG homeopathy drops promise; nonetheless it has more to it. As expected one gets to eat a mere 500 calories a day, this regardless of an individual will lead to weight loss. However as expected the ravaging hunger pangs are excruciating. With the intake of HCG homeopathy drops, this element is taken care of as the drops work as an appetite suppressant limiting cravings and desire of eating more than recommended amounts. This in turn makes it different from other diets

Common complaint recorded after stop of use of HCG drops is weight gain. Though common it is attributes to lack of weight maintenance strategy rather than fail of diet. As expected after living on 500 calories a day some weight gain is to be expected but at most three to five pounds. Many people have taken to reverting to their lifestyle and overall eating habits of eating fatty processed food stuffs thus sabotage all their efforts. A complete lifestyle and dietary change is advocated for it to work in the long run. Changing of to healthier lifestyle and exercising while making better food choices will ensure that ideal desired body weight and measurements are maintained.

Benefits of using the HCG homeopathy drops

The main benefit of HCG homeopathy drops is the fact that quick effective weight loss is achieved. Nonetheless this is achieved with virtually no hunger pangs or cravings as the appetite suppressant take effect. What is more it enables overall body hormonal balance in the body and thus promotes overall body wellness. Nonetheless due diligence on your part as an individual is called upon before embarking on weight loss journey using the HCG homeopathy drop.