How much does the HCG diet cost?

When it comes to losing weight, many people are usually swept with the idea of losing weight to the extent of not actually looking to what it might cost in the long run. With some needing equipment to work that can be expensive, while others costing almost nothing as you don’t change a thing. The same thing goes for the HCG diet. With people always assuming only the cost of the HCG most end up always quitting in the middle. Begging the question, how much is HCG diet:

HCG drops/ injection

When it comes to getting on the HCG diet the first thing that should be factored in is the doctor’s appointment. Since this is not a normal appointment as a thorough examination should be taken to see if you are fit enough to actually be on the diet which is about $ 150, this is actually without the HCG drops. If you are given the green light to go ahead and want the HCG diet injection you will then have to pay up to $ 10 for each injection you are to take, thus every week you will part with around 60 dollars for the injections. Also depending on the amount of days you are willing to go on the diet you will pay less or more, with the 21 day diet costing about $ 210. On the other hand the HCG drop liquid diet is a little more expensive; this is due to the fact that you will be using many drops at a time which need constant refills. The HCG drop liquid diet goes for about $450 for the 21 day course. This is however much better since you will not have to stick a needle into yourself every day. In addition had you may also be advised to take the B12 injections into your waist line to give you needed energy and which also help you to get a more defined waistline after the diet. This together with a custom made diet plan for the 45 day diet will cost you an additional $750 dollars, making the cost of the HCG injection diet an even $ 1200 from start to finish. On the other hand this is actually the cost of the HCG without the diet itself.

HCG food diets

When it comes to dieting there are some of the things that you have to stick to, with some being cheaper than others, you might want to choose one that will make you spend a little less. In the case of proteins only chicken, white fish that is tilapia or halibut, Shrimp, Lean beef, Lobster, Steak, Veal and crab are allowed. When it comes to vegetables most are accepted, thus you can choose the one that is easily affordable to you as long as you do not surpass the calorie intake required. On the other hand only four types of fruits can be taken in the HCG diet, thus in the quest of searching how much is HCG diet only oranges, apples, grapefruits and strawberries should be accounted for.

However with constant doctor visits and following the diet as required, you should be able to lose and get to your ideal weight in a matter of days and still be out of harm’s way.