How does one choose the Best HCG Diet Recipe?

Many of the HCG diet recipes usually feature foods that offer the right nutrition but at the same time have very low calorierecipes content. This is because the primary reason one is on the diet is to lose weight and filling yourself up with calories would only cause you to add weight. The best recipes feature foods that are heavy with nutrients such as raw vegetables, egg whites, fruits and lean chicken, all of which are low in calories. These simple ingredients are easy to acquire and can be used to make just about anything ranging from a low calorie breakfast to a very nutritious dinner while still maintaining the energy levels at their peak. Although the HCG diet plan may be somewhat limiting, some of the best HCG diet recipes can provide you with delicious and nutritious dishes that will help you get through the depravation phase.

In the HCG diet manual, there is a depravation phase, in which one is required to take in a maximum of 500 calories in a day while still going for healthier options that promote weight loss and good health. In this phase, you will find that many HCG diet recipes will replace the whole egg for only the egg white as it has the same nutritional value but far less calories. The egg whites can be used in recipes to make cakes, scrambled eggs or muffins. One can place raw vegetables such as onions and spinach into the egg whites to have a low calorie yet very nutritious omelet for breakfast.

In addition, the low calorie HCG diet recipe requires an individual to have lots of vegetables throughout the second phase. This is because in addition to the vegetables being rich in nutrients and low in calories, they have very little effect on the blood sugar levels. Most people also have their salads with dressings that are low on calories such as vinegar as well as salt. It is not recommended that one adds too much fat even if they are the good fats as they have the potential to increase the calorie levels and are much harder to break down. When it comes to the fruits, small berries are the best as they are low in calories and sugars. If you are going to have a smoothie or a fruit salad while o the HCG diet plan, be sure to include the small berries as the major fruit.

Also, to avoid calories that are found in the sugars, HCG diet recipes call for natural sweeteners that do not contain any sweeteners like stevia. Not only does the normal sugar increase your calorie intake, it also interferes with the blood sugar levels, a factor that needs to be maintained at the proper levels during this diet. For this reason, stevia is used in drinks, smoothies and even baked products. There are artificial sweeteners that are low in calories that are allowed in the diet but most medical HCG practitioners always advice that you favor the natural sweeteners.