3 Phases of the HCG Liquid Diet

When it comes to the HCG liquid diet many people usually contort their faces due to the bad rap that it has both from dieticians and the media at large. With many people going around saying that the calorie intake given will not sustain a person’s body, making even more people fear it. However with many success stories being reported far and wide, you may just wonder what are the right steps you should take in order for it to work for you:


Phase 1: easing in to the diet

During this time, you should take the HCG liquid diet, three times a day taking 10 drops at a time. This however should be done after going through a colon cleanse to rid your system of any remaining foods in it. Squeeze out the drops on your tongue and be sure to hold it there for a minute or more before swallowing. During this time you will still be eating but eating foods that are high in fat content. As your body accepts the HCG into your system, you will also be storing far for the diet. This way you will never run out of energy during the diet. This phase takes only two days.

Phase 2: restricted calorie diet
In this phase, on day three you will begin the 500 calorie diet as per the HCG liquid diet. Depending on the number of days you have chosen to diet you will have to stick to it. The most recommended number of days when starting the diet is usually 21 days after which you can then graduate to the 45 days diet. The drops should however be taken only 6 times in a week, this way your body will not get used to the HCG and stop working. With the original diet at hand you can easily expect to lose 1 pound each day. On the other hand if you find that some of the ingredients are hard to find try substituting them for similar ones, but do not take anything containing sugar or has fat in it. Spacing out the calories in a day will also help curb of any hunger that you may start to feel in between meals.

Phase 3: easing out of the diet

After completion of the 21 day or 45 day diet you can start to go back to your normal life even though you will have to permanently eliminate some “bad” foods from your daily diet. For the next three days you should continue on the low calorie diet but stop taking the HCG liquid, this way your body gets rid of the HCG in your system gradually. Foods with high sugar content or even fruits like mangoes should be avoided in this phase. You will find that your weight fluctuates at this point with introduction of new foods to it until it naturally stabilizes.

Armed with new healthy eating habits, you can easily go back to eating what you like in moderation without the fear of gaining a lot of unwanted weight, thus having a healthy life in general.