Benefits and functions of HCG therapy for Men

HCG is usually associated with weight loss in individual who are in search of an ideal weight or just want to lose a few pounds. hcg for menHowever HCG therapy is a totally different aspect in itself. This is usually administered by doctors to men who are in search of treating natural ailments in the body. Some of the benefits are:

1. Increased testosterone levels in the body

HCG therapy is usually prescribed to man who has low testosterone levels in the body by a doctor. This is as a result of having low luteinizing hormone in the body. The therapy helps as you will be able to increase natural testosterone production in the body hence eliminate the need of having prescription drugs for that. Stimulation of the pituitary gland is done in the therapy thus the increase occurs.

2. Increased physical energy

The HCG introduced in the body helps give boundless energies to a man. Unlike in a pregnant woman where it is used to nourish the baby, in men it is used as treatment especially if you are suffering from chronic fatigue for some time.

3. Improve sex drive

This comes as a result of the HCG administered and the physical energy that is felt. On the other hand you will also experience an improved sexual performance. However this is usually a side effect that comes with the HCG therapy

4. Increased lean muscle

Just as in the case of many who are in search of weight lose, HCG therapy does the same thing for men. . If you take HCG then you will lose the fat in all parts of the area. However HCG therapy also comes with increased exercising thus the increase in lean muscle. On the other hand increased strength is also experienced during the therapy as you always are active.

5. Male fertility

If you go for the HCG therapy you most likely have low testosterone production in your body, as a result you may have low sperm count this in turn makes you infertile. Since the aim of HCG therapy is to increase the production of testosterone in the body, this also boosts sperm count and as a result increases the chances of male fertility once again.

6. Reduces depression

This comes as a result of new gained energy, increased muscle mass and new gained fertility making the effects of depression vanish.

7. Maintain natural testosterone

HCG therapy works by helping natural testosterone production in the testes. This thus helps to maintain a high level of the testosterone in the body, minimizing its loss. This goes a step further as the endocrine system is left up and running without getting a chance of shutting down.

8. Prevents use of anabolic steroids

Another way men usually go for to get the same benefits as the ones gotten from doing the HCG therapy is by use of steroids. This however usually has adverse effects by using it for a long time making a bad situation even worse, thus the need for HCG therapy for men.

It is good to note that the HCG therapy usually requires a doctor’s approval and numerous blood tests done to you before you can actually be approved as in need of it.